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     If you have a business organized as a Sole Proprietor, S Corp, Partnership, or a C Corporation, you need to know the consequences of not having a proper tax plan early in the year.
     We specialize in developing solutions for rapidly growing Small Businesses and Start-ups. 

     We also realize that a situation like yours might require a pilot installation, which we’re very willing to work with you on. 
     A start-up company, may find it important to establish credit for your business.  We will help you to create your business plan|credit file. It depends on the type of business you have as to whether to take on debt, but without a business plan, establishing credit may take much longer than needed.

   Jey Eyslee is the founder and sole member of  GJConsults, llc. She has a Professional background of over 27 years of Federal Tax, Business Managment, and she has years of Start-Up business experience.